Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 - A Year in Terrible Quality iPhotos


This is my first mobile photo of 2009.  It's Princess, @onetimeforpop's Rottweiler.  And I'd recognize that rug anywhere - that's the SHOP.  No other place that I know of where people can play poker with an adorable dog putting her head in your lap. (1/2009)

Though I don't get to see my Dad all that often, he does consult in DC from time to time.  I am the frequent beneficiary of some yummy, expensive dinners when he is in town. This was taken at a very yummy steakhouse at the new National Harbor complex, next to the scenic Anacostia River (/sarcasm). (1/2009)


In for $200, sitting on $603 at the apt (Feb 2009)


Someone might be a little tilty...look at that chip pile! (Feb 2009)


Check out those racks of pink....too bad they were worth a fraction of their value at this game...  I don't remember the rotation, but this was a night of stupid poker at the apt.  (March 2009)


Now, these pinks OTOH are face value.  I crushed the pink o8 game at ATLARGE at the Taj in AC this year.  Repeatedly. (March 2009)


Most of the month of March, I lived at the Showboat in AC (no really...I was there every day in March except for 8).  I got to know the bartender at the videopoker bar right next to the poker room pretty well.  My sis frequently stopped by to have some drinks after work. (March 2009)


One of my cousins got married in Tucson.  A few days after the wedding, my sister, her boyfriend, and I went on a trail ride in the desert.  We rode horses, but I felt obliged to take a picture of the donkey. (Apr 2009)


In May, one of our favorite bartenders at the Turtle concocted a special drink, just for me, @onafolddraw, and @bmorebilly.  @onafolddraw named it the "girly man" b/c it is bright pink.  It is however, delicious.  Vodka, Redbull, pineapple juice, grenadine.  


At the Rio in Vegas for the WSOP.  @onafolddraw and I got this super pimped out suite.  Note that it has a globe.  We decided that the new standard for suite pimpage is "Globe? Yes/No" (June 2009)


At the end of July, I made a spontaneous pilgrimage to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  I drove there straight from NJ, stayed overnight, drove home the next day. (July 2009)

This bit of hilariousness was in my motel room in Cleveland. (July 2009)

Anne finally took me to go to the Baltimore Aquarium, which I had never gone to before...after living in this area for 13 years. (July 2009)

In July and August I went on a 3 week-long boat trip with my parents from Alaska, through British Columbia, and then around Washington state.  It couldn't have come at a better time and was very relaxing. (August 2009)

Went to a labor day party with my sister and her boyfriend.  Our contribution to the party were a million different flavors of jello shots. (August 2009)

Some time in September (a month where I spent all but 12 days at the Borgata for the Borgata Poker Open), I played my first pink o8 game at the Borgata. (Sept 2009)

And, I also played my first session of PLO at the Borgata.  In for $200, cashed out over $1k this session. (September 2009)

In the middle of the Borgata Poker Open, I detoured to Foxwoods for FARGO 2009.  I had a blast and made a lot of new friends.  SOOOOOO glad I went.  (Sept 2009)

September also saw me detour to Philly after a trip to AC to spend time w @uaegreg and his new law school friends.  At one point during this night, Greg and I both looked at each other and said..."we're 30 year olds, and we're at a house party." (September 2009)


In October I detoured to Philly again for a poker game @uaegreg set up with his law school buds and an open bar night.  I spent a lot of time on the road in 2009. (October 2009)

October also saw more pink crushage at the Borgata. (October 2009)

IMG_0332 @alcanthang got this pimped out suite (alas no globe) at the Taj and I snapped this pic of the Borgata and Harrahs. (November 2009)

Thanksgiving (and my 31st bday) dinner. (November 2009)


December saw me travel to Vegas for the WPBT.  Shots of Soco at the Geisha Bar with the bloggers FTW. (December 2009)

And upon my return home, I was greated with a freak snowstorm, dropping 24" of snow in my front yard, and snowing me in (literally) thwarting my lunch plans with @spidurman and my last trip of 2009 to the Borgata. (December 2009)

Closed off 2009 with another few weeks on my parents' boat.  Mom and I ended up getting stuck in Vancouver for the last week of 2009, and this shelf (and gchats with a select few) helped cure massive boredom. (December 2009)


  1. How many #BIIIIICYCLLLLES did it take to get those massive pink chip stacks?

  2. bwahahahaha - only a few. :p

  3. c'mon folks, we can do better.. let's take back our title!