Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - A Year in Terrible Quality iPhotos

I really had a lot of fun compiling this post last year.  Always fun to scroll through all the pics you've taken for a year on your iPhone and relive and remember the things you did.  Here's the 2010 version. 

2010 started with me taking a New Year's cruise with my parents on their boat.  Mom and I ended up being stuck in Vancouver for a week and a half, but after that we had a great time.  It was really nice having some one on one time with my parents, and we went to some cool places.  Lots of traveling this year, including a 6 week roadtrip with the only person I've met crazier than me, @scsuhockey10.  Year ended with me moving to Vegas.  No clue what 2011 will bring, but this year was pretty fun.  Enjoy and happy 2011.  xxx, Katie

Dad and I catching up on emails at a bar with wifi, Ganges Harbor, WA 1/2010

Mom and Dad and I took a ride in the oldest continuously operating elevator in the world, Victoria, BC 1/2010

Darth Vadar playing violin in Victoria, BC 1/2010

PLO in Baltimore 1/2010

On the bubble of the Borgata Winter Open PLO tourney 1/2010

My car buried in one of the Snowpocalypses. Thankfully I had @alcanthang with me to help me shovel! 2/2010

Pink chip game after getting my stack tossed Columbia, MD 2/2010

The only picture I took on my phone during Mastodon Weekend, Greenville, SC 3/2010

3/6 LHE at Wednesday night before ATLARGE.  I'm in for $200. 3/2010

Me and partner in crime, ATLARGE Smoker Dinner, AC, 3/2010

Pink Chip Game at ATLARGE...yes there is a black chip in there too. 3/2010

Beach at my parents' house where my Dad taught me how to drive stick in his BMW Z4 3/2010

Early morning out my window at Harrahs AC 4/2010

At the Beach with my sister, Southern NJ 5/2010

Playing Heads Up Chinese with @uaegreg in Philly 6/2010

2/5 NLHE at Harrahs AC 6/2010

1/3 NLHE at the WSOP this year 6/2010

6/12 mix at Venetian with ARGers 6/2010

Coming into Day 2 of the $1500 bag looked a lot better than the year before. 6/2010

Watched 7/4 fireworks at Harrahs AC with my sis and her bf. We ended up getting pelted with fireworks shells due to wind. 7/2010

Playing drken Apples to Apples with @dmfarley @neamhspleach @fuzz4000 @sumohurdler et al. Duct tape is what I need for my mouth! 7/2010

My favorite restaurant's cheese tray, National Harbor, 7/2010

Most Friday nights in 2010 were spent with me dealing the Pink Chip game in Maryland with @Bmore_Billy, 7/2010

Summer boat trip with the family.  I had an allergic reaction to UV rays AND threw my back out. Still a good trip. 7/2010

Sisters! 7/2010

Me and John in the dinghy after taking it through some rapids. Canada, 7/2010

On the boat trip, we found a German restaurant where the owner had this handy shot holder. Canada, 7/2010

This is why I love my parents' boat. British Columbia, Canada, 7/2010

This is the Summer salmon catch, British Columbia, Canada, 2010

After a long day fishing with Sarah and John 7/2010

BARGE banquet Vegas, 8/2010

Playing the first ever game of EFQ at the Goldman's, Vegas, 8/2010

I'm in for $200.  This is a 1/2 NLHE game in Glen Burnie, MD. 8/2010

Yes, I ended up with little green armmeni n my purse after a night of drinking with Dan and Molly, DC, 8/2010

Me and Molly showing off our shoes, DC, 8/2010

First day of Vegas-Connecticut Roadtrip.  There is a story about Texas Station.  Ask Jeanne or Bob.  ;) Vegas, 9/2010

Dbacks game on the roadtrip, Arizona 9/2010

Starting to get in the middle of nowhere, Arizona 9/2010

On one of the longest bridges in the world, Crossing the Atchifalaya Basin in Louisiana, 9/2010

Remnants of a crazy night in NOLA, 9/2010

Nights like these were how we both ended up gaining OMG weight on the roadtrip, Wafflehouse, Biloxi, MS, 9/2010

Drinking with Chic in Tampa, 9/2010

Kennedy Space Center, 9/2010

Can't believe we got away with this... NL 2-7 SD SNG at the BBar at Borgata during the Fall Open. AC, 9/2010

Drunk and stupid clowning on the AC Boardwalk, 9/2010

Todd playing the LHE portion of our stack during the FARGO pairs tourney.  We min-cashed. LOL, Foxwoods, 10/2010

The PokerStars chipset I got when I won the PLO shootout to OE final table Sunday FARGO tourney.  We played EFQ in the suite LDO. Foxwoods, 10/2010

On my drive to Vegas, I crashed in Chicago with @zymm and ended up making friends with her cat.  Chicago, 10/2010

Ahhhh... new home! Vegas, 10/2010

9/18 mix at Aria, Vegas, 10/2010

Halloween!!! Vegas, 10/2010

Sweating the November Nine at the Rio, Vegas 10/2010

Parents took me out to Mohegan Sun for my birthday where I got this awesome red velvet brownie! Mohegan Sun, 11/2010

Evidence that slot machine themes have jumped the shark, Vegas 12/2010

First night of WPBT.  Karaoke.  Vegas, 12/2010

My new fav VP bar and drink at Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, 12/2010

Happy New Year!!!! Vegas, 12/2010